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Aliveness Embodied…


Are you an overeater, binge eater, food addict, chronic dieter or emotional eater?

Do you struggle with loving and accepting the body you have now?

Do you struggle to feel delicious and alive in the body you have now (no matter its shape or size)?

If so, know that this painful struggle is not a life sentence and there is a way through to a life of freedom.

It is your birthright to have a relationship with food and your body that FEEDS you rather than takes from you.

Come join us, and learn the tools, strategies and practices that could change your life.

Welcome home to you.



Our values foster our integration and growth as a service; and support you in being you.

PRESENCE. Deep profound loving presence, as it is only through presence that creation can occur.

RESPECT. We recognize the differences of each person by tailoring our services to meet the individual need.

EMPOWERMENT. We provide tools that enable people to find their way out of chaos, rigidity, feeling stuck and overwhelmed into a sense of clarity, focus and direction. EMBODY. The body is the way through to wisdom, pleasure and a life worth living.

ALIVENESS. We revel in life, growth and what sustains life. We believe life (or aliveness as we refer to it) is the source of all Self and relational development.

You and Your Body Matter, Simply Because You Are Matter.

Lisa Sherrill



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Have you considered that weight loss is a sacred rites of passage into the juice of life? What Are Your Coaching Needs? The struggle with weight and food can end! It can be done! I know this for a fact …

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Some experts think of extra weight as waste, I think of extra weight as unlived potential – a dormancy of life waiting to be born and released.   WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS APPROACH TO RESTORING A …

Unhealthy eating cannot co-exist in a world of self love.

Lisa Sherrill





Lisa Sherrill, M.A. is a certified BodyWay™ coach, certified somatic facilitator, teacher, doctoral student in psychology and agent of cultural change. As founder of Embodi Aliveness, she helps women and men transform their relationship with food and their bodies. With her strong, funny and gentle presence, she creates the space in which her clients can be with it all – the disappointments and the inspiring achievements. While at the same time step away from it all to realize something greater and more real.

She ensures that her clients recognize and appreciate their inherent wisdom and learn to trust themselves. She affirms that we do intrinsically know how to eat and move our bodies in a way that creates balance, well-being and health. By guiding her clients through cycles of expansion and relaxation, they open to insight, self trust, and delicious change.

Lisa herself loves to deepen her authentic relationship to food, her body and the love that binds our world together as a whole. She also understands deeply and personally the struggle and suffering that comes with being overweight and sick, while straining to improve her health and her eating habits. You can read her personal story to learn more. Lisa lives in the sacred mountains with her wonderful husband, Nelson, and her super duper dog, Oliver.

For information about her consulting work in Organizational Change and Executive Coaching for professional leaders, you may go to her website: EmbodiChange.com.



“You are a leader, as inspiring example of transformation for anyone who is fortunate enough to work with you.”  – Robin M., Aware Eating Coach


At the age of 9 I began to diet. It wasn’t because I needed to lose weight, in fact I was often nicknamed ‘bean pole’ as I was tall and thin. Instead I began to diet to comfort and soothe myself; to fill a void, run from my body and distract myself from my real needs.

And by the time I was 14, my struggle progressed. I was dieting on week days and overeating on weekends. Then by 18 I spend most of days overeating, unable to stick with a diet for more than a day. My weight ballooned up to over 200 lbs. I wore the same plus sized pair of jeans almost every day of the week because I was too ashamed and immobilized to go shopping.

People would say to me, “Lisa! Just stop the dieting.” Or they would say, “Lisa, just stop overeating.” But I couldn’t seem to change the pattern despite how miserable it was making me. It was like asking someone to stop breathing and expecting them to live. I felt like I would die if I didn’t diet and lose the weight. But I also felt I would die if I did not give in to the cravings that told me to continually overeat.

Over time weight gain, yo-yo dieting, weight obsession and inconsistent eating patterns became the norm. With that I battled auto-immune diseases and depression and often walked with a painful limp.  Shame, lack of self love, trust and the belief that my needs did not matter paralyzed me.  (Shame is the reason why you will no see any pictures of the former me. I just don’t have any, as I ran from the camera!)

For decades, I danced around the real problem: my life, my behaviors and my body was trying to tell me something but I simply didn’t have the capacity nor resources to listen to it. I was using food, weight and dieting as a means to contain the wild fire within me, while buffering myself against the outside world.

Traditional psychology didn’t work too well. Neither did the dozens of diet, exercise tapes and self-help books weighing down my shelves. Numerous hospitalizations from auto-immune struggles, six surgeries and tens of thousands of dollars later, I found myself on the living room floor in 2005, isolated, numb and very fat.

That night, I’d consumed enough food for four or five people: hoagie sandwiches, whole pizzas, lasagna, ice cream, cookies and brownies. I was barely able to breathe.

This was it. Rock bottom.

Two things helped me through that strugglesome night. One was a thought, two words that popped into my head – “emotional eating”. This led me to the world of somatic (body-focused) psychology.

The second thing was a tiny voice, deep within me. ‘Keep going,’ that voice said to me. ‘It will get better.’ With that was a vision of me,  100 pounds lighter, with a straight confident back and walking without a limp. This vision of freedom in my body brought me to tears. I couldn’t imagine such as reality, but what else did I have to hang on to.

So I tried it. And bit by bit things began to change.

For the next two years, I worked a body-based program called BodyWay™ by Jane Latimer and various other mind-body based psychological practices. To my surprise, things did start changing. My weight dropped, my food patterns became more consistent and the pain in my body diminished.

But my work wasn’t finished.

As if on cue, life forced me to face others areas of my life I had kept glued together through strugglesome eating, such as the pace and direction of my career, relationships and health. The skills, tools and approaches I’d been learning for the previous two years were put to the test. And with each layer of disharmony that I integrated, my vitality expanded, my life changed and my sense of belonging in the world solidified.

I learned more, realized more, meeting each new challenge with a new commitment to my own self care and well-being. I became a Somatic Practitioner, studying Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)®, Interpersonal Neuro-Biology (IPNB)® and Somatic Experiencing®. I completed a Masters in Psychology, along with Business Management and Conflict Resolution certifications. And now I am a fifth year doctoral student in Somatic Psychology researching cultural and business change.

My entire life has transformed. My body now craves more movement, play, vibrant foods, fresh air, nurturing experiences more naturally. I have more energy, vitality, creativity, empowerment and a sense of joyful giggles that seemed to spontaneously erupt through me. While my life is not perfect, nor will it ever be, I can taste more life now, and it is much, much sweeter than what I had imagined it to be.

I have come to understand my body (which includes the brain!) and the intuitive life nudges from within that feed me, can be trusted. In fact it is a place of innate intelligence. A safe, loving place where, if I paid attention, my true self can emerge and truly shine.

Now, I’m committed to helping others experience similar transformation.

This is the purpose ‘Embodi Aliveness’ (my model for healthy sustainable recovery) has been created to serve. To bring you back into healthy relationship with your environment, such as your food, body, heart and soul. To awaken the fullness of life, energy and vitality that exists within you. And to bring you back into rhythm with the wisdom, power and infinite potential of your own existence. This is embodiment. Welcome home.




What life changing work Lisa offer…my relationship with my body and my whole life is so much easier and more loving now, thanks to her teachings!” ~ Sara N.


“The insanity I get caught up in with my weight is finally making sense. Why isn’t your work mainstream knowledge! Your training needs to go global, so many women need it. Thank you Lisa for helping me trust myself and make peace with my body.”~ Aaron B.


“I am always amazed at the work you do with folks during the classes. It’s a treat and an honor to be a part of this process on Tuesday nights.” ~ Eva G.


“Yesterday I ate without judgment and today I exercised because I wanted to. Both were so nice! In the past if I would have made the food choices I did yesterday, I would have called myself bad and exercised as punishment for the crime. While I do still find myself anxious with food decisions, today I am choosing to let that go. Not be over-conscious or under-conscious. Just be aware of what I am choosing and not holding judgment. It’s really revolutionary for me. Hooray! Thank you Lisa!” ~ Kris J.



“My transformation over the weeks I spent with Lisa in her class was subtle and powerful. Her attunement and ability to say exactly what I needed to hear or embrace or release in the moment was her greatest gift to me.  She renewed my trust in myself and in the monumental support that surrounds me always.” Sandra J.


“You series of classes have been great and inspiring work, particularly the last two calls about creating and focusing on own visions, reclaiming one’s own power: helped me a lot for dealing with the whole situation – going mentally through all that was happening, my responses, and how I can continue dealing with all this. Thanks a lot!!!” Anna T.


“Thank you for the session today. I am still savouring my connection with my higher self. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of my connection to my inner self – I am feeling so blessed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Cris


“Lisa has been a wonderful coach. I came to the work with her feeling badly about my body and my dieting. Money was a difficult issue as well.  She has been very sensitive and insiteful. Every time we talk, she steers the conversation toward understanding my blocks and helping me see my true self. This has had a powerful impact on my life. I have done lots of therapy, groups etc. This is different and powerful to work on listening to my body wisdom and connecting with my true self. Wow. Freedom. Possiblity.” Peter S.


“Hi Lisa! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class on Sunday. You are an awesome teacher and it was a great day. I learned so much from you. Thanks so much!” Kathy P.


“Lisa, you are doing an amazing job. I am really loving the time to just be myself, let down my walls and think about things in a whole new light!” Jennifer R.


“Powerful session yesterday…!!  Thank you for your wisdom and gifts!” Janet H.


“Thank you again for your very thought provoking workshop. Your insights have kept me thinking ever since!!” Wendy P.


“This is great. I can really locate that nurtured place in my body now. I don’t need to will things to happen as much, and can just let things unfold better. I just wish everyone could have this experience.” Lynne H.


“I continue to be grateful to be working with you. I think I’m making some real progress now with the feeling process, and time with you is definitely reinforcing that. I think you are a talented coach with great intuition.”


“Since meeting you the intrigue of my body’s wisdom and what my body wants me to know is fascinating, and I am choosing to listen to it!” M.P.


“Lisa is a compassionate listener and intuitive guide.  Her strength inspires me and her unconditional witnessing allows me to flow freely as I search for answers within my Self.  I leave each session feeling renewed and refreshed.  Thanks Lisa for helping me restore aliveness back into my life!” Laura C.


“Lisa has demonstrated a keen ability to work with individuals with difficult issues.  She has an expansive depth and range of knowledge, with great insight into problems that concern those trapped in conditioned behaviors that cause suffering. She would be a great asset to any change team!”  Jane Latimer, M.A. (Aliveness Institute, Somatic Coach and mentor)

In order to create a way of eating that enhances your life, you must become more alive!

Lisa Sherrill



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Have you considered that weight loss is a sacred rites of passage into the juice of life? What Are Your Coaching Needs? The struggle with weight and food can end! It can be done! I know this for a fact …

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Some experts think of extra weight as waste, I think of extra weight as unlived potential – a dormancy of life waiting to be born and released.   WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS APPROACH TO RESTORING A …






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