June 9, 2017

It's a process not an event


Having teams that are able to come together in ways that foster coherence and a collective intelligence, where the ‘we is smarter than the me’, are one of the most vital components of a successful business. These kinds of teams excel in problem solving, morale, adaptability, and results, giving you a competitive edge. 


Here at Embodi Inc., we know how to build these kinds of performing teams.


No matter how talented your staff are, all teams can be dysfunctional because we are dealing with imperfect human beings. Therefore cultivating teams that are functional, cohesive, committed and out performs takes a daily practice and understanding a set of key soft skills and capacities.


In addition, much of the focus today is on building team engagement as a gateway to team performance. Yet the research suggests that engagement is an outcome of a successful team not the other way around.


Our trainings on topics related to team building are different from the pack. We draw on neuroscience, complex systems theory, psychology and other interdisciplinary fields to offer solutions that work. Solutions that get to the root of what makes a team out perform despite all our imperfections. 


To learn more about how to build your team right, contact Lisa at lisa@EmbodiChange.com.



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