July 9, 2017



There are two outcomes to strategic thought, planning and implementation:


  • One outcome is horizontal change, where skills, new behaviours and technical competences are developed.
  • The other outcome is more vertical change. This is where a shift in consciousness has occurred, to bring further life and complexity into the organization.


Much research suggests that horizontal change is more often the end result of strategic effects. While there are benefits to horizontal change, without the inclusion of vertical change it can sometimes appear like the company has become quite skilled at playing a game of whack-a-mole.


The challenge is that many companies are not being given all the right information to successfully think and develop strategically. Many are not been shown how to exercise the mind and imagination in ways that foster strategic thought and action. Others are not aware of how to balance a company’s drive for growth and the cultural and customer drive for maintaining the status quo. Overall, most have not been taught the integrative nature of strategy that brings a shift in consciousness, nor how to properly embody and actualize the strategy within all levels of the organization.


As a result, companies are often dead in the water before they even begin their strategic roadmap.


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