July 9, 2017

Organizational Optimization


What would it take to streamline communications and improve productivity?

What would it take to foster employee engagement, innovation, accountability and results?

What it takes is learnings the steps to optimizing the interrelated, moving parts of the organization.


Organizational optimization is about a company operating as a flexible, functional, synergetic unit. This is where all the moving parts (people, processes, technologies, financials, materials, methods, communications, innovations, services, strategies, programs, etc.) work together in ways where the whole organization comes alive.  It is a place where there is less dependency on a boss and more interdependency, to produce a whole that is greater than the sum if its parts.


But it is a place where few organizations exist and it is costing us billions.


Organizational optimization is the gateway to reduced waste, and improved communications, self-responsibility, and results. It is a powerfully effective approach to cutting costs, gaining a competitive edge and adapting and striving in our rapidly changing business times.


If you would like to learn more about organizational optimization, contact Lisa at lisa@EmbodiChange.com.



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