December 13, 2013



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Working With The Business Athlete
Executive Coaching Profile EXPERIENCE

For over 10 years, Lisa Markham Sherrill has facilitated individual leaders as they work to transform themselves in order to face bigger, more complex challenges. Drawing on her unique portfolio of experience and expertise, that spans to include organizational change management, team leadship, conflict mediation, teacher, coach/consultant, and group facilitator – Lisa helps leaders embody the full expression to their potential, while encouraging a community of strong support to enable sustained and embodied change.


A consultant in the field of business psychology by training and practice, Lisa Markham Sherrill is relentless in diving into new areas of study that feed and grow her understanding of human nature at the leadership and systems levels. Her postgraduate studies and training in moral reasoning, neuroscience, cultural leadership, systems theory and integrative thinking offers clients deep, often unconventional insight into the dynamics of their organizations and relationships. Becoming increasingly aware of the role of social and emotional intelligence plays in high-pressure leadership situations, her focus is on integrating theories from Interpersonal Neurobiology(C), neuro-leadership, psychology, complex systems theory, and spiritual (value based) psychology.

  • Ph.D., Psychology specializing in Business, University of Meridian, In Progress
  • Masters in Psychology, University of Meridian
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology Certifications (Levels I, II, III)
  • Change Management Certification, PROSCI.
  • Business Management Certification, University of Calgary.
  • NeuroPsychology Coaching Certification. Aliveness Institute.
  • Mediation Certification (100+ hrs). Pulse Institute.
  • Information Systems Diploma. COGS.
  • Bachelors of Science, University of Guelph

Lisa has a fundamental respect for leaders and the demands they face. In designing and conducting a coaching engagement, she focuses on cultivating three “active ingredients” that predict success in coaching:

Readiness: The individual must be open and able to do the consistent work of personal change. It is often not hard work but it is consistent work.  Without a clear sense of readiness, coaching is unlikely to be effective and a waste of time and money.

Relationship: Trust and a sense of psychology safety are key to any healthy relationship where change is intended. Thus respectful rapport is the primary focus on both sides of the relationship, as well as fostering an internal feeling of safety to nurture self-awareness, creativity, neurological re-wiring.

Imagination: Hope, play and imagination are key factors in behavior change. In some ways we are still little kids in big bodies. Fostering the capacity for play and imagination supports vitality and self trust, which helps you tune into the self-organizing system within you and the organization, that is nudging you and it towards positive change.



There must be a steady rhythm to the engagement. Phone or face-to-face meetings are held twice per month. But at this level, issues can arise quickly, therefore Lisa is available in between sessions by email or phone to answer questions at any time during the engagement. Once the working alliance is establish, Skype or phone coaching can be highly effective.



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